Welcome to SC, Student Conference

It's not very difficult to participate in student fairs and meet the representatives of international educators but still difficult to meet and chat with the people who have already studied abroad.

Student Conference, SC, is International student Conference to know how to start your international job and business after your study abroad and World Study Abroad Preparation conference designed for you dreaming about studying abroad wherever you would like to go.

So, you will meet up people who have already done the experience or studied abroad for your study abroad in the future.
"You will meet them, listen to their experiences and ideas, and plan your own study abroad."

A. International Students' Future Conference

You might have many reasons to study abroad for your future but SC would like to focus on your job and future business after your study abroad. As you study is also connected to the place we live, we need to understand how to network with people who have got different experiences and careers. Now, simply meet, feel and make your own future through SC.

B. Seminars with seniors of study abroad

SC will invite leading people who studied abroad already or are studying abroad in the world. This will definitely help your study abroad planning. You will meet them, listen to their experiences and ideas, and plan your own study abroad.

C. Professional Study Abroad Consultants' Consulting

You will also be able to meet professional homework help for your successful study abroad in the world. It's not, of course, easy to select which school and subject you would like to study, how you would manage the visa and more services but you will meet them at once easily through SC.