Prepare Yourself for Studying Abroad

Pallid statistics claims that the number of English-language programs for international students grows every year and as a result, the number of people who hold English-medium degrees grew to more than triple.

In general, these programs propose one year of study in the leading university of the Western world. They are provided by the universities itself or their partners and the most popular are Cambridge Education Group, Kaplan International Colleges and Navitas.

Despite of the control and monitoring of the foundation programs, it is difficult to figure out the exact number of them as there are many programs that involve up to 10-15 students only.

The mainland Europe is one of the definite leaders in this sphere offering 8,039 programs in 2014 comparing to 725 in 2001. At the moment, garland of victory of the provider of the biggest number of English-language undergraduate and master’s degrees belongs to Netherlands. The reason is in the international-targeted higher education system of this country, so the universities are interested in supporting of such programs.

Study Group, another one large partner of international educational programs opened its center in Holland in 2013 giving a possibility to study in seven best Dutch universities and the officials of these establishments admit that work with Study Group brings a lot of benefits. They received a possibility to limit the number of students of one nationality so the mix of the students is optimal. As a result, the intercultural learning experience is boosted to a new level.

Moreover, now universities have a possibility to select students who will definitely succeed in studies due to their prior knowledge and skills. Otherwise, gathering as many as possible students without taking into consideration the level of their preparation will result in failure of the program, as students won’t be able to cope with the assignments.