Capitalize on a Scientific Conference

Here are some useful tips and guidelines how to get the most of the science conferences. Some students may consider them too basic, but practice shows that newcomers usually have no idea what to do on the conferences and miss their chance to use this opportunity to the best advantage.
1. Any graduate student in the sciences has to attend at least one scientific conference. Here you can learn a lot about you’re your field of study as well as get essential feedback on your work. Active communication with a group of scientists interesting to you may have tremendous influence for your academic future. Plus, conferences are really interesting and you can have a lot of fun. And there are so many of them that you will definitely find the one where your research will be the most welcomed.
2. Do everything in advance. Email and plan everything ahead so you will rest assured that you will do everything you want there. Look through the schedule and select the events or people you want to see there so you won’t miss something.
3. Do not be afraid to move between rooms between talks (though remember that it is rude to leave during the talk). If you are planning to change the rooms, sit somewhere close to the door so your leaving won’t disrupt someone.
4. Prepare the introduction speech. You should answer the question about your studies without stumbling, otherwise, you will have nonprofessional look.
5. Network during lunchtime. Go to lunch in groups and communicate there – it is a perfect possibility to speak in less formal surrounding.
6. Have a business card with your contacts and, if possible, information about your studies.
7. Feel free to approach famous scientists. Ask for feedback, tell your opinion about their books – communicate.
8. Use Twitter – many conferences have an active community of live-twitters.
9. Plan your expenses, otherwise the conference will seem unaffordable to you.