Essential Tips for Graduate Students

The common mistake of all students who attends the conference is the absence of communication with other participants and visitors. They pull all their bravery to their own speech and do not build connections with scientists and other affluent people – but, actually, that is the whole point of the conferences. But even when you have an intention to introduce yourself to everyone possible, it seems that all professors are talking to each other only and do not accept others into the conversation. So what to do in this case?
Still, there are ways to introduce you effectively at any conference:
1. Join the conversation. No matter how it looks on the outside. It is your duty, by your leave. Yes, you may feel silly or rude, however, joining the conversation at a social mixer is essential for you as you build connections for the future and find possibilities for today.
2. Do not start with the description of your work as soon as you have joined the conversation. Act clever, ask the scientists about the work and then he or she will ask you about your studies.
3. Get across the insecurities about your work – scientists know perfectly well about the failed experiments and can give you some tips how to elude them.
4. Practice the introduction of yourself with help of the fellow students before the conference.
5. Ask your familiar professor to introduce you when you don’t want to break into a conversation.
6. If you have email address of the professor you want to talk with, send email in advance. This advice is especially useful if the conference you are going to attend is quite large. Appointing of the meeting will ensure that you will meet the person you need.
7. Book a room not far from the conference.
8. Create the best mood for the best possible communication with the possible advisors. For example, consider listening to the favorite encouraging music.