Apps that Help International Students to Live in the U.S

Handheld device for international students is not just a communicational device. Your smartphone can become your lifeline in the life in foreign country. And here are some apps that may make your life even easier.
1. Grammar Up. This app proposes a way of learning grammar with help of multiple-choice quizzes. You will get explanations each time you make a mistake. The app also provides many topics concerning English grammar and focused on the questions of English proficiency test.
2. Scrabble, on the one hand, is a game and on the other it is an educational tool as it helps you to enrich your vocabulary. It can be helpful to non-native speakers to learn the spelling of words.
3. Dragon Dictation allows users to use text-to-speech to write emails, text messages and social media updates. This app is a perfect check of your pronunciation. Of course, the recognition here is not as perfect as it has to be, however, it is appropriate for practicing.
4. U.S. Citizenship Test Prep Apps – those who want to apply for a citizenship will find a lot of useful information for preparation for the test, like law and history lessons.
5. Grammar Tests with help of quizzes assists students to get clear knowledge of Grammar.
6. The International Student App provides an access to the mobile version of The International Student blog.
7. English Translator is a tool that will help non-native English speakers to translate English to Italian, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Norwegian, Portuguese and Swedish. It may be helpful for students who forget how to write or pronounce something.
8. English Grammar in Use is an app created by the Cambridge University Press. It is possible to narrow the check of Grammar to one of 16 areas of grammar or you can pass some general tests.