New Perspectives of Studying Abroad

Educators believe that the new version of college education is in the pipeline and it will completely change the way student are studying now. Globalized world requires new and more efficient ways of teaching, involving online lecturing and web-based sources of educational materials.
According to the tendencies of the new educational approach, college students will spend most of their studying time outside the United States, studying in different cities and countries, learning not just their field of study but peculiarities of different national cultures as well.
Today many students realize that it is possible to get the foundation of the subject via the Internet and enhance this knowledge with help of experience gained through time spent in unknown environment of foreign country.
Of course, this approach will not suit everyone, as not many students will want to leave the community established for four years. Though it is clear, that it will meet the requirements of a person whose personal qualities include maturity, curiosity, adventurousness, flexibility and openness.

Students can take an advantage of start-up educational projects
For example, Minerva Schools, based in San Francisco, proposes a possibility too spend three quarters of study time in other countries. This approach is perfect for students who love travelling and cannot imagine themselves sitting in one place for long periods of time.

The Minerva project was created by Ben Nelson , former tech executive, because of his emphatic opinion that todays’ colleges do not prepare students for the realities of the life in globalized world today. Every semester of Minerva School starts in the new country, so students will be able to spend some time in Buenos Aires, Istanbul, Seoul, Berlin, Bangalore and London.

Students live together in the leased dormitories and seminars are held in libraries, museums and parks. That is why the cost of education here is so low – only $22,950 a year, however, it doesn’t cover travelling costs. Despite the fact that the school covers all major subjects, the main goal here is to teach students to interact and think logically and creatively.