How to Improve the Student-Led Conferences?

Parent-teacher conferences are now boosted with help of the new format: student-led conferences. With help of these conferences your students will be involved in the presenting of their work to the parents. This kind of conferences involves kids as holders who explain their progress and accomplishments and set short and long-term goals.

What are the main advantages of the student-led conferences?
• It is a good way to show that teacher values the opinion of the student
• Students are encouraged to take the responsibility for the learning
• Adults can hear the explanations of students about the progress in studies
• Students receive an evidence that adults are ready to support them
• Students are responsible to the choices of behavior and studies
• Parents see the interaction between teacher and children
• Teacher can see the parent-child relationship
• Parents and students love doing this kind of conferences: attendance of parents is higher when students are involved in the process

When it is appropriate to do such conferences?
Think of the first conference of the year, and it is advisable to involve kids at the end of the meeting, after parents and children had their conversation. After that it is possible to lead such conferences once a quarter. There conferences require little attention of the teacher as students are responsible for them.
For example, children can select their best work every week and write a note why they have selected this very work. As a result, they will be able to create their own portfolio.
During the conference children will show parents their best works and explain why they have chosen them, teacher also may ask questions to the kid and parents. Ideal conference influences all 3 parties as they share their thoughts concerning the progress and further aims of the child.