What Help with Life in the UK Can International Student Get?

Let’s face this. studying abroad is not cheap, so hardly surprising that students and their families search for any help and advice they can get to minimize the costs and make sure that they will get into the institution that proposes the most preferable conditions. No wonder that educational agents play a great role in the life of international students as they help to come up with the best possible decisions.

Usually the agencies of this kind offer such services:

• Consulting
• Help with visa and immigration
• Pre-departure briefing
• Assistance with flights and accommodation
• Language tests
• Application to institution assistance

Agents help both students and universities, as they give a possibility to students from countries where it is hard to recruit from to get access to the universities.
Parents are often nervous because their children leave home, and many of them do it for the first time. Help of agents can come in handy in this case because they assist students to find a lodgment in the UK, give useful tips and advice about life in the UK, supply students with course and application information so students are prepared for their life in the educational establishment and outside it. In fact, the cooperation between agent and students doesn’t stop with the beginning of the school year of a student as he or she can always contact the agent if there are some complaints or intention to change the course.

Is it helpful for students?

With the development of international education, the number of students began to grow as well as the number of agencies. There are so many English-language programs proposed by the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and other countries, that it is really easy to lose directions. That is why students use assistance of agents who can find them the most appropriate place for studying. It is said that 92% of higher education establishments work with agents as it is the most cost-effective way of finding new students.